About Me

Is 2020 over yet?! We’re so close to the end but with everything that 2020 has thrown as us, I’m worried that 2021 is going to be just 2020 2.0. Yikes.

My name is Dahye (Pronounced Dah-Hey) and I’m in my mid…er…late 30s with two kids ages 6 and 4. I work part time and squeeze in crafting and blogging whenever I can – mostly after the kids have gone to bed. 

I am a jack of all crafting trades but master of none. I can sew, bake, do paper crafts, woodwork, make stamps, make jewelry, weave, make macrame, water paint…etc. Crafts I haven’t done…I am confident that I can learn quickly and well enough. However, because I’m master of none, I use the expertise of those masters to teach myself. What I found was that I had to go to this site and that site and this video and that video to learn bits and pieces of whatever craft I wanted to practice. So I decided to pour all the tips and advice I learned and provide step-by-step tutorials for those who are searching to find their creative passion or maybe just want one site that can be a reference point. 

Although 2020 shoved us all inside (good job team for protecting each other!), I try and see the glass half full by being thankful for my family. And thankful for time to learn new activities. What new hobbies have you picked up this year? 

I’ve started to bake bread, practicing piano again, and got back into weaving and working with my hands. It’s been healing to go back to creating and crafting. 

Walk with me in this creative journey and I hope we can grow our passion – and whether it leads to your own path of sharing your art with the world, creating your own ecommerce site, or using creativity to bring joy and hope in your life, I hope you’ll take me along.