Make Your Own Macramé Rainbow Ver.2 – Step By Step Tutorial

Macramé Rainbow Version 2

Did you know, that a double rainbow is considered to be a sign of good fortune? It can also be a symbol of transformation. That being said, here’s double the rainbow! Macramé Rainbow version 2 is here! 

Rainbow on Stand
Rainbow on Stand

This version uses rope as the arch base and macramé cords as the wrapping cord. (Version 1 used macramé cord as the base and yarn as the wrapping cord)

And as discussed in Version 1 there are so many creative ways to make and use these rainbows. I hope you share with me all the creative ways you make your rainbows! Tag me on Instagram using #easypeasymakers

Tips and Advice

⋒ Please read through all the instructions before starting. This is to understand the general steps to prepare for.

⋒ Depending on the individual, you can have two arches or more. You can use different colors or create patterns like creating an “X” or use different material for the wrapping portion (ie ribbon or fabric).

⋒ If you decide to use needle and thread instead of glue, you will need a thimble to help push the needle through when you’re at the final stages. It’ll save your fingers. You may also need pliers to pull the needles out. Rope and cord can be very dense. 

⋒ If you’re using single strand macramé cord, keep in mind that it is twisted in a specific direction. You may have to manually spin the cord as you wrap your rope.

⋒ Check out version 1 of rainbows – you can mix and match how you want to complete the rainbow (needle/thread vs. glue)

⋒ You can incorporate wire into your arches to keep its shape as well. 


Rainbow Ver. 2 Materials
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps 1_2
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps3_4
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps5_6
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps7_8
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps9_10
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps11_12
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps13_14
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps15_16
Rainbow Ver. Steps17_18
Rainbow Ver. 2 Steps19_20

Happy Knotting!

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