Learn How To Make Your Own Fluffy Pompoms!

Pompoms may not show up much in macramé but it’s an essential fiber know-how for any creative maker. 

Before you start, I’ll warn you that it can be time consuming, as well as addicting to play with and so easy to make! You can teach your little ones and there are thousands of ways to apply it. 

Here are a few examples:
– Make pompom garlands for nurseries or in my case, Christmas
– Pompom keychains
– Pompom hairclips (hot glue gun)
– Pompom wreaths
– Pompom pillows
– Or add pompoms to this semi-circle macramé?
You get the idea.

Share your creative results with me on Instagram and hashtag #easypeasymakers

Pompom Step1_2
Pompom Step3_4
Pompom Step5_6
Pompom Step7_8
Pompom Step9_10
Pompom Step11_12
Pompom Step13_14
Pompom Step15_16
Pompom Step17_18
Pompom Step19_20

Happy Knotting!

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