How To Make Your Own Macrame Wristlet

Do you lose your keys in your purse all the time? Or maybe you need an extra set of hands when you’re trying to carry ALL the bags in from the grocery store? 

These babies are here to the rescue! Keys will be so much easier to find in that giant tote of yours. It’s not just for keys; you can use them for a clutch (tutorial on its way) or your id/badge, etc. 

You can adjust the length and create lanyards as well for your badge, keys, mask and so on. 

Materials and Tips

There are two knots you need to know:
Larks Head Knot
Square Knot

Tools you’ll need:
⋒ Macrame cord (I used 4mm)
⋒ Measuring Tape
⋒ Scissors
⋒ Lobster claw key chain
⋒ Painters Tape or wall hook

Cord Lengths:
⋒ 1qty – 20″ cord
⋒ 1qty – 36″ cord
⋒ 2qty – 90″ cord
This will make a wristlet about 7 to 8″ wristlet.

TIP: If you want to make a lanyard or a larger wristlet, it is a 1:5 ratio. This means if you want to make a 20″ folded lanyard (40″ unfolded around the neck = 20″) take 40″x5 to cut 2qty 200″ and 1qty 80″ for your filler cord. Please note that you may have different ratios based on tightness of knots or thickness of cords. Give yourself extra inches to work with!

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Lets make a wristlet!

Wristlet StepbyStep - 1n2
Wristlet StepbyStep - 3n4
Wristlet StepbyStep - 3n4
Wristlet StepbyStep - 7n8
Wristlet StepbyStep - 9n10
Wristlet StepbyStep - 11n12
Wristlet StepbyStep - 13n14


Happy Knotting!