Welcome to EasyPeasyMakers

Hi there!
Welcome to my humble crafting blog.

My name is Dahye (Dah-hey) – I’m a thirty…something creative artist/mom/wife/daughter/sister/friend. Thanks for stopping by! 

I’m a jack of most (creative) trades but master of none. HA. I can sew, make jewelry, paint, draw, bake, weave/loom, and so on, but I am not a master at any of those things. I like to call myself a multi-creative artist. But that also means I am googling and learning to get better at each craft. Especially with what 2020’s thrown at us, a lot of people have gone online to pick up or cultivate a hobby – myself included. What I found was that I would go here and there to pick up bits and pieces of things. I couldn’t find a site where I could learn some of these tips and techniques at a beginner’s pace. 

I have a biology background but worked in technology sales for 11+ years and then finally there was an opportunity to drop everything to start my own creative business. With the encouragement of my favorite person (My mister) I worked whole-heartedly in running my own crafting brick and mortar store. After three years, I had to step back this past year. It was a difficult decision but definitely the right decision for my family and myself. 

A creative blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for years and I am telling myself that even if this blog starts as out as a tiny seed, as long as give this blog love, consistency and persistence, I can grow it to my vision.

I believe that art and creativity brings hope, joy and healing in all of us. I want to help develop creativity in people so together we can change attitudes to life and to others to where humanity is more loving, more forgiving, and can see the beauty in the smallest things – good or bad. 

My vision for this blog is this:

To reach as many people as possible to encourage and advocate art and creativity and to share the joy of making.

I plan to document with pictures, instructions, videos and references to help every creative beginner to find their passion and find their joy. I plan to share as many tips and advice that I’ve learned and experienced on the way. I have so much to share with you all! Come join me and lets be easy peasy makers!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you stick around!