Clove Hitch Knot: How to tie one of the most important knots (Horizontal)

Step-by-Step guide to Clove Hitch Knot with pictures.

The clove hitch knot is one of the most versatile knots in macramé designs. There are four main styles of clove hitch knots:

 Clove Hitch Knot from left to right
⋒ Clove Hitch Knot from right to left
⋒ Vertical Clove Hitch Knot (coming soon)
⋒ Horizontal Clove Hitch Knot (current page)

Clove hitch knots are used in many different patterns to create designs like flowers, leaves, geometric shapes, separators, and so much more. 

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Tips and Tricks: 

The clove hitch knots take up a lot of cord so when you create designs and patterns, you will need at least 7 times the amount of cord. For example, for one clove hitch knot (3mm) is about 0.375 inch. And you need about 2.5 inches to make that one knot. 


Happy Knotting!