How To Knot The Ever Popular Macramé Spiral Knot

Step-by-Step guide to Spiral Knot (half SK spiral) with pictures.

The spiral knot is half of a square knot that when that half knot is repeated spirals on its own and creates the ever popular spiral knot. 

Its used often in plant hangers and large macramé hangings

*Things to note: The working cords for the spiral knot (and SK) get used up a LOT faster since there is no switching from working cord to filler cord.

There are a few ways you can adjust for this. Since you cut the cord double the length you need (you fold usually at the half point and do a LHK to get two cords of same length)

  1. You can cut the cord long enough for pattern and could have left overs from the filler cords. 
  2. You can measure out your working cord and filler cord and do the LHK at that junction. For example, if you needed 12″ of filler cord and you needed 60″ of working cord, you’d cut 74″-76″ of cord (adding 2″-4″ for when you do the LHK) and fold the cord at the 13/14″ mark so you end up with 12″ filler cord and 60″ of working cord.

This is assuming it’s a straight forward design. You may not want to do this for a complex design since you may need longer filler cords if they end up becoming working cords. 

This is useful when you do a pattern with mostly just SK or the spiral knots. Like banners / garlands, etc. 

Happy knotting!