Easy Picture Tutorial: How to Make Macramé Tassels

Learn how to make your own macramé tassels! It’s one of the easiest décor to incorporate into almost anything! You can use it in patterns (try the semi circle macrame pattern and thread it into the center of the project)

Sample tassel on semi circle
Sample tassel on semi circle

Here are a few other ideas for tassel décor:
– Keychains 
– Curtain holders
– Home décor (thread wooden beads and attach tassels on each ends)

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Tassel materials
Tassels Step1
Tassels Step2
Tassels Step3
Tassels Step4
Tassels Step5
Tassels Step6
Tassels Step7
Tassels Step8
Tassels Step9
Tassels Step10
Tassels Step11
Tassels Step12
Tassels Step13
Tassels Step14

Happy Knotting!